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  During a visit to Buffalo Exchange near campus, I noticed a college kid waiting in line to sell his clothes. One of his items was a seemingly legitimate Louis Vuitton monogram backpack. I couldn t help asking if it was real as we neared the selling counter. He said he didn t think so because he bought it online and it wasn t expensive. The Buffalo sales representative s ears perked up, and she informed us of their store policy: they can only sell it if it s not believed to be a fake. Though I ended up buying it off him in the parking lot for $50, if I had kept my mouth shut Buffalo would ve bought it from him and sold it for very little. Why? Uncertainty of a bag s authenticity creates a loophole: stores are allowed to sell alleged designer bags if they can t prove that they re fakes, but if they also can t prove they re real, they can t sell them for much. Thrift stores are a great place to find extremely convincing fakes or cheap real bags. I bought a $4 Kate Spade bag at Goodwill that is certainly real (no feet and legitimate lining) but whoever priced it was unsure.

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